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". . . and when Zephyros breathed through the flowery garden, Apollon turned a quick eye upon his young darling, his yearning never satisfied; if he saw the plant beaten by the breezes, he remembered the quoit, and trembled for fear the wind, so jealous once about the boy, might hate him even in a leaf: if it is true that Apollon once wept with those eyes that never wept, to see that boy writhing in the dust, and the pattern there on the flower traced its own ‘alas!’ on the iris, and so figured the tears of Phoibos."

to the stars

Charles Daniel Ward, The Progress of Spring, 1905

Death of Orpheus (detail) by Émile Lévy (1826-1890)
oil on canvas, 1866

Elihu Vedder   1899

Marsyas Enchanting the Hares

La Tourneuse De Pages (2006)

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
[French Realist Painter, 1796-1875]
St. Sebastian Succoured by Holy Women,between 1851 and 1873
oil on canvas, Height: 257.81 cm (101.5 in). Width: 168 cm (66.1 in)
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, USA

Eros and the Goddesses of Destiny - Julius Kronberg

Dionysos riding on a panther. Floor mosaic. Ca. 120—80 B.C. Delos, House of the Masks